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Archer Daniels Midland is a food processing company based in Decatur, Illinois, United States. ADM offers career opportunities in food processing areas. Its products includes Foods, Feeds, Bio fuels, Ethanol, Beverages etc. The company operates over 270 plants worldwide for food processing. The company was started in 1902 by George A Archer & John W Daniels. Hence the name of company has been derived from the names of its founders. It was founded at Minneapolis, Minnesota and it is headquartered at Decatur, Illinois in United States. Archer Daniels Midland is a public company and it is traded as ADM on NYSE.
Internship at ADM : Archer Daniels Midland offers internship to colleges students in different disciplines. If you are a college students and pursing your degree and looking for the internship opportunities in the areas of IT, HR, Engineering, Commodity Merchandising, Accounting, Audit etc then you can apply for the internship program by visiting the Internship Application Gateway from the career website. Details regarding the areas in which you can apply for internship programs can be checked from the official website of ADM. Internship at Archer Daniels Midland is 11 week long program which enables you apply your class room knowledge into real world challenge. 
Careers Areas : ADM offers career opportunities to people from diverse disciplines whether you have graduated in Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Information Technology, Food Technology or any other discipline. Jobs are diverse in nature and people with professional qualification as well as school diploma can find the job opportunities. Whether you are looking for the seasonal jobs, part time, full time or hourly positions with company, you can choose from wide range of employment opportunities.  Archer Daniels Midland offers excellent wage and benefits to its employees. It has extensive training and development programs to its associates. The thrust areas of training and development are Technical Skills,  Coaching Skill & Leadership skills. Here are some of the job title you might be interested. For further details and more opportunities with ADM you can explore the career opportunities from the official website.
  • Clerk 
  • Elevator Worker
  • Lab Tech – Hourly
  • IT Web Developer
  • Laborer 
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Plant Utlity
  • Mixer Handler
  • Seasonal Elevator Worker
  • Sales Manager
  • Seasonal Sales Worker
 Jobs by Location : Whether you are looking for the jobs opportunities in North America, South America, Asia or Europe you can search the open positions from the official website of ADM. While searching for the jobs from the website to find a job for specific country you can select the country where you are seeking the employment opportunities. United States, Canada, Switzerland, India, Brasil, Mexico are some of the country where you can search for employment with company.  If you are looking for the job opportunities in United States then you can browse the jobs openings by state. Buffalo, Arbuckle, Chicago, Clinton, Decatur, Effingham, Fowler, Greensburg, Hooker, Lincoln are just not the cities where you can find the job opportunities, find the job opportunities across US and worldwide.
How to Search & Apply against the Open Positions at ADM
  1. Go to Career Website of company at –
  2. Search for internship and employment opportunities in a region of your choice e.g. US, Canada, Europe, India etc. by visiting the relevant link.
  3. You can further refine your job search using location, shift, job type, function etc.
  4. Click the Job Title to view Job Requirement, Qualification, Shift, Benefits available etc.
  5. Hit Apply to Job button and login to your job profile using the Username & password if you are a registered user.
  6. If you are a new user then you will have to create the job profile for applying online.

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