Application for New Australian Passport or Renewal

If you are living in Australia and wish to know about getting a passport then there is no better source of information than visiting the official Australian Passport website. Whether you need a new passport or you want to apply for renewal of passport after your passport has expired or due for renewal. The official website provides every bit of useful information needed for the purpose. It provides step by step clear information for getting a new passport as well as for renewing the passport you already possess. 
Whether you need the passport for yourself or your child. You might be having several other doubts in your mind such as how long it takes for renewal, where to pay fee for renewal of passport, how much is the application for new passport and so on. If you are the one looking for Australian Passport then you can follow the link provided here on this website and explore the information you need from the official website. Once you apply for the passport, then you might want to check the status of your passport application. 
If you have already apply for the Australian Passport then you can check the status of your passport online by entering the Form Number and PIN issued to you by concerned authority. If you are in need  to get the passport for some urgent purpose then you can get it by paying the priority fee. If your passport has been damaged or stolen then also you can get another passport by paying the requisite fee. If you have paid the priority fee then you will get your passport from the passport office where you deposited the priority fee.
Online Application for New Australian Passport : Apply Now
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