Base Hospital New Delhi Online Appointment Booking Registration

Base Hospital New Delhi is located at Delhi Cantt. Base Hospital New Delhi is one of the best medical hospitals in India. Base Hospital New Delhi offers online appointments for OPD Registration. Consultation and treatment in Base Hospital New Delhi are restricted to Serving and retired armed forces personnel. Eligible persons who wish to book their OPD appointment can register online for OPD Booking.

The government of India has started an Online Registration Service ( for OPD Online Appointments. Online Tele Consultation is also available in serval hospitals including AIIMS New Delhi. While booking an online appointment you need to select the correct option. It is pertinent to mention here that in Base Hospital New Delhi only physical OPD consultation is available and there is no facility for Tele Consultation. Therefore, while making online OPD registration for Base Hospital New Delhi you will not see any option for Tele Consultation.

Base Hospital, New Delhi, and Air Force Command Hospital, Bangaluru offers online OPD registration. If you want to register for OPD booking then you can choose the appropriate hospital and book your appointment. Other processes after selection of Base Hospital, New Delhi, or Air Force Command HOspital Bangaluru, you can proceed further for online OPD registration. The rest of the Online OPD registration process is the same.

Base Hospital New Delhi Online OPD Booking Registration Video

Procedures for Online OPD Registration for Base Hospital New Delhi

Step 1: Visit the Online Registration Service Portal (

Step 2: Click on “DEFENCE (AFMS)”

Step 3: Click on Base Hospital Delhi

Step 4: Click on Appointment (for Physical Consultation with doctors)

Step 5: Click on New Appointment

Step 6: Enter your 10 Digit number in the column for entering 10 digit number

Step 7: Ener the captcha (letters and digit) as it is and then click the SUBMIT button

Step 8: Choose the Department

Step 9: Select the Date of the Appointment

Step 10: Verify your Aadhar Number

after verification of your Aadhar number, you will get a confirmation SMS on your Mobile Number. You can also take the printout of your appointment from the Online Registration Service portal. If you want to register for OPD on the Oline registration System then you can watch the video above to see the step-by-step instructions for online OPD registration.

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