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Costco is one of the the biggest retailer not only in US but in world. It is a membership based company offering its products for sale in bulk. Some items are sold without membership such as gasoline and when a non member buy the product, a surcharge is applied. Membership is to be purchased in advance for buying the products, however customer using the Costco Cards are not required to have membership. It is known for low price as it sell in bulk targeting the business and big families. Its headquarter is located in Issaquah, Washington, US and  it was founded in Kirkland by Jeffrey Brotman and James Sinegal. It operates across the world and currently its stores are located in US, Canada, Japan, Australia, UK, Mexico, South Korea, Japan & Taiwan.
Costco is one of the biggest employer among the retail store around the world. People looking for the employment opportunities at a discount store can find the excellent jobs openings with company. It offers career opportunities in a number of countries having its retail business. Job seekers can find the hourly, part time and full time employment opportunities in different career areas. Job listings can be viewed online from its official website and it requires the job seeker to submit the career application online. 
Career opportunities are available in HR, Construction, Communication, Aviation, IT, Consumer Service, Legal, Marketing, Logistic, Real Estate, Payroll, Merchandising among various other. People for divers disciplines can find the matching job opportunity. The company offers great benefits to its employee. Eligibility for available these benefits vary for different types of jobs i.e. hourly, part time & full time. Its benefits includes, retirement plan, health benefits, employee stock purchase options, dental and medical insurance, vision benefits, 401(k) Plan, Dependent Care Assistance Plan, Life Insurance etc. To know about all the benefits available to employees you can visit the Costco Benefits website at
If you wish to apply against the current open positions then you can  apply submit your resume online by visiting the employment website. Instructions for submitting and job description can be read from the career portal. You can read the FAQ before apply for a job as they gives answer to many questions which you may have in your mind. To find the jobs opportunities open at different locations you can browse the job listing from its employment website. A typical job opening at Costco may include Baker, Cake Decorator, Payroll Clerk, Food Service Assistant, Cashier Assistant, Photo Lab Clerk,  Meat Cutter, Print Shop Assistant, Truck Driver, Order Picker, Customer Service Representative etc.
How to Search & Apply for Jobs at Costco
  • Visit the Employment Website at –
  • Here you can view the employment opportunities available to jobs seekers from diverse field. If you are looking for IT jobs then you can visit Costoc I.S. Jobs link under Information Technology Opportunities
  • Click on the Apply Online link which take you to new website. 
  • Here you can find the open positions and search using state, city, zip code etc.
  • Click on the Job Title to find the job details and requirement & click on the “Apply Now” button to start the online application submission process
  • Hit the Begin Application button, applicants are required to login using user ID & password. If you are not a registered user then you can create your Costco Career Login account to complete the application.

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