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Ford Mortor Company is one of the largest auto maker in the world. Henry Ford was a man of great foresight who founded the company in 1903. It is headquartered at Dearbron, Mishigan in United States. It is a public company and Form family is currently  currently control the company although they only minority stake in the company. The company has two auto division Ford & Lincoln, the former produce the light commercial vehicles and auto while later is known for its luxury cars. Its subsidiaries are based Australia, Brasil, India & Europe. It is currently engaged in auto and finance sector. It is traded on NYSE as ‘F’.

Manufacturing Jobs : Ford Motor Company offers a large number of jobs around the world. It current employs over 1,60,000 people worldwide. Career opportunities with company are vast and it offers diverse career opportunities to job seekers. People from across the world can apply for the international jobs with it. Company has set up a number of manufacturing plants in different countries which offers large number of employment opportunities. People looking for the the career opportunities with Ford at manufacturing plants can apply against the various open positions. Most of the jobs at manufacturing plants are technical in nature. Therefore people who wish to works at these plants they must have requisite skills and inclination for technical work.

Whether you are looking for the positions of Manufacturing Adivisor, Control Engineer, Production Supervisor or production control engineer, there are large number of engineering jobs against which people can apply. These jobs are not available everywhere and therefore you will have to relocate if you residing far away from the manufacturing plant. You can find the jobs in the manufacturing area at Woodhaven, Dearborn, Chicago height, Louisville, Romeo, Claycomo, Wayne, Walton hills etc. Some of  typical engineering and non engineering jobs which you may like at manufacturing plant are as listed below.
 Safety Engineer

  • Maintenance / Automation Supervisor
  • Body Maintenance Supervisor
  • Tool & Die Supervisor
  • Occupational Health Nurse
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Stamping Quality Supervisor
  • Suspension & Frame Design Engineer
  • Operations Control Mainframe Analyst

Corporate Jobs :The company is based at Dearborn in Michigan. Whether you are looking for the career opportunities in corporate office in USA or in other countries you will find great opportunities at such place as this is the nerve center for guiding and controlling all the operations. Whether you are interested in Human Resource, Product Development, Finance, Accounting, Auditing, Information Technology this is the place which offers employment in diverse career areas. Whether you are looking for a senior positions or an entry level jobs it is the right place for looking opportunities by recent grads and experienced professionals.

Credit, Sales & Customer Support Jobs : Whether it is auto manufacturing or auto financing Ford is among the leading employers in United States. Its jobs are not just limited to one country, it offers jobs opportunities across the globe. Apart from manufacturing, people can make career in finance sector as Ford Motor Credit company employs thousands of people at different level. Sales and customer support is another important area offering great opportunities to people wish to make career in brand promotion and support. In 2011, the company had sold over 5.5 million vehicles and sales is expected to get further boom in the coming years. Thus you can look forward to more opportunities in these areas. The company has rotational programs for grads from Ford College and they can join the marketing leadership program and other career development programs offered by the company.

How to search & apply against the jobs at Ford

  1. Visit the Official Ford Motor Company job website at – 
  2. Now visit the link for “United States Jobs” under “Start Your Job Search”. 
  3. Now you can login  to your account using your email id & password if you are already a registered user. Otherwise you need to create your profile by visiting the relevant link.
  4. For viewing the latest jobs openings visit the Search Opening link. You can filter you search results using keyword, state, function, job posting date etc.
  5. Select the jobs against which you wish to apply and hit “Apply to Jobs” button.
  6. If you are looking for jobs in other country e.g. Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India etc. then visit the Country website link placed besides United States Jobs on the career home page to find a job in country of your choice.

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