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Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a Crown Corporation which was established in 1973. It deals in insurance, vehicle registration & licensing. Initially it was established to provide the public auto insurance but subsequently it was given additional responsibilities of licensing, driver licensing and  vehicle registration. In beginning it had monopoly in auto insurance but now private insurance companies have also been allowed to provided the extended coverage. ICBC still enjoy monopoly in basic insurance coverage which is known as “Autoplan.”
The law of British Columbia (BC) requires every vehicle registered and driven on the public road or parked on it to purchase basic insurance package from ICBC. Now, its monopoly extends only in basic insurance package and for extended insurance cover it has to compete with other service providers in the market.  The ICBC discount plan known as Roadstar Gold rewards the safe drivers and hence they are required to reduced premium on the basis of number of years, the driver has been free of successful claim against him or her.
If you need to make claim for the damage caused to vehicle or personal injury then you can dial for claim at telephone numbers given below or you can report online from the official website. It you wish to report online for claims then you can do so by visiting the website. It also provide information regarding the steps to be taken after you have made claim. Detailed instructions in this regard can be read from the website. Online reporting of claim is applicable only for Vehicle Crash, Theft & Vandalism. You can also find the Claim Centre, Glass Repair Shop & Auto Body Shop from the website.
If you need to make any other type claim then you will have to dial for the claim. Such claims includes Injuries, Crashes outside B.C., Vehicle Glass Damage only and Hit & Runs. Instructions and guide for making claim is available online and it can be read from the website. While making a call for claim you will be required to provided information. The information to be provided is available on the website in the form of checklist. If you read this checklist it will be helpful in answering to the queries. The information to be provided include such as Place & Time of occurring of crash, Driver’s Licence Number, Police File Number, Insurance information etc. 
Dial a Claim Telephone Numbers
British Columbia Lower Mainland – 604-520-8222
Other Parts of B.C. Canada & US : 1-800-910-4222
If you want to get a driver’s licence or renew it then you can find the driver Licensing Office and instructions for renewal or  getting a new license for  Passenger Vehicle, Motorcycle, Commercial Vehicle or enhanced drivers licence. If you license has been lost or stolen or it is going to expire soon then you can renew and replace and instructions and procedure for this can be read from the ICBC’s website. 
A number of online services are available to people. These services are very helpful and saves lot of time. If you would like to use the online service then you need to visit the website. With online services you can do a number of things which are as given below.

  • Taking a practice test
  • Confirming ID
  • Booking a Road Test Online
  • Road Sign Practice Knowledge Test
  • Activating your Enhanced Identification Card
  • Making Change of Address
  • Booking Enhanced Driver Licence Application Appointment
  • Activate Enhanced Driver Licence

Jobs with ICBC
The corporation has been named as one of the BC’s Top Employers in 2012 for second year in Row. It is one of the best place to work in BC. If you are looking for the career opportunities with ICBC then you can find the jobs matching your qualification and skills and apply against such jobs. The corporation help and encourage employees to learn and grow and it also provides tuition subsidies. It support flexible working hours and alternative work management. Details of benefit can be read online. 
What kind of jobs you are looking for – a full time regular jobs or a temporary assignment, you are looking for career opportunities as student or experienced professional, you will find a job matching your qualification and taste. To find the right job which will suit you best, just visit the website’s “Careers” section and browse from the list of opportunities.  After visiting the Career web page, you can view the latest jobs openings. You must check your system requirement for submission of online application. All the browsers are not supported currently and Google Chrome is one of them. You must use the compatible browser and must adhere to the instructions for submitting job application. 
Steps for Applying for a Job

  • Visit the official website’s “Careers” section
  • Check your system requirement and technical details before you proceed for submitting application
  • You can search jobs based on keyword or view all opportunities
  • Click on the Job to view description and other details
  • Click on “Apply” link to submit your job application (If you have already created your profile then you can login and proceed. If you have not yet created your profile then you will have to create by registering and then login with User ID & Password to submit application)
  • Attach your Cover Letter & Resume
  • Prepare your resume
  • Find the jobs by clicking the link “Search for Jobs”

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