Indian Passport Application Status

How to Check Passport Status Online
Passport is a very valuable document. It is generally necessary for for travelling to other countries. Generally Visa is pre-requisite for entering into the territory of a foreign country. Visa is to be issued by the embassy / consulate office of country where one wish to visit. For obtaining visa, the visa issuing authority ask the applicant to produce valid passport without which application is not processed for issuance of visa. Therefore we can understand the importance of passport.
Getting a passport is getting easier. Several steps have been taken to remove the hurdles faced by applicant while making request for passport. Now online submission of application for passport has further expedited the processing time. With advent and usage of Information & Communication Technology tracking the status has become very easy.
If you have applied for the Indian Passport then you can check the status by visiting the website and online enquiry is really easy. To know the status, applicant need to enter three thing in the online status checking form which are Regional Passport Office (RPO), File Reference Number & Year and hit the submit button. You can visit the passport status website and enter these details to know the status from the link given below.
File Reference Number is a 12 digit Alfa-numeric number. This file number can be understood with the help of a typical file reference number given below.
  • First Three letter is Regional Passport Office (RPO) code here in example it is KOZ – which is the code of Kozhikode
  • Middle 7 digit alpha-number is the reference number
  • Last two digit e.g. 12 indicate the year. Here 12 indicates the year 2012.
List of RPO is given below. Currently there are 33 Regional Passport Offices spread across the country. Almost every state has an RPO. Those in need of passport can submit the application at these RPO and you will get a file reference number. This number can be used for tracking the status of. After you submit the query, computer will displayed your file reference number, name, date of application and date of birth. Under status you will see the status of your passport. If your application has been processed and dispatched then it will display the date of despatch and Postal Registration number.
  • Amritsar (ASR)
  • Bareilly (BLY)
  • Bhopal (BPL)
  • Bhubaneshawar (BHU)
  • Chandigarh (CHD)
  • Cochin (COC)
  • Coimbatore (CBE)
  • Dehradun (DDN)
  • Delhi (DLH)
  • Ghaziabad (GZB)
  • Guwahati (GUW)
  • Goa (GOA)
  • Hyderabad (HYD)
  • Jaipur (JPR)
  • Jalandhar (JAL)
  • Jammu (JMU)
  • Kolkata (CAL)
  • Kozhikode (KOZ)
  • Lucknow (LKO)
  • Madurai (MDU)
  • Mallapuram (MLP)
  • Mumbai (BOM)
  • Nagpur (NGP)
  • Patna (PAT)
  • Pune (PNE)
  • Raipur (RPR)
  • Ranchi (RCH)
  • Shimla (SML)
  • Srinagar (SGR)
  • Surat (SUR)
  • Thane (THN)
  • Thiruvananthapuram (TVM)
  • Vishakhaptnam (VSP)

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