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How to Apply Online for Indian Visa

All people entering in to the territory of India are required to possess the Visa issued by competent authority. If you want to visit India then you will have to apply for the visa by visiting the official website. No handwritten form for making request for visa is accepted at Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC) or at the Indian Mission/Post. You must read the instruction carefully before submitting the application. After submission of application form, a minimum of three days are required for issuing visa except in special cases. Fee varies depending on the duration and visa type. Basic fee is displayed when you submit the online application. Exact fee you can know from the IVAC or Indian Mission / Posts located in your country.
Types of Visa
  1. Tourist Visa is issued for a period of 180 days.
  2. Transit Visa is given for a period of 15 days, for this you must possess the onward or return journey ticket at the time of submitting application.
  3. Business Visa is issued for a period of 5 years and you must produce documents which proves the bonafied purpose of visit such as Company’s letter etc.
  4. Employment Visa is issued for a period of One year or the period of contract. You must show the proof of employment, when you make request.
  5. Student Visa is given to those who come here India for studying in the Indian institutes. Periodicity of Student visa is upto the extent of course duration or till five years. While applying for the student visa you need to show the proof of admission in Indian institute.
  6. Foreigners of Indian Origin : People of Indian Origin visiting the country are required to give the proof of being of Indian Origin and it is issued for 5 years.
For obtaining the Indian Visa you can apply online, schedule appointment and make payment. Process if quite simple, visit the official website and click the Online Registration link ( for submission visa application. If you do not choose to take appointment and pay fee online while filling up your application through website then you can visit the Indian Mission and take appointment and make the fee payment there. You can read the detailed instruction on website for uploading photograph. The size of photo and other technical information for cropping and uploading the photo for Visa application is available on the website. You need to submit the supporting document as required by the Indian Mission/ Posts/ IVAC for processing your application. After submission of online application, a File Number is generated which must be remembered by the applicant for further use. It is also used for tracking the status of visa.
Check you Visa Status

If you have made an application for Indian Visa then you can check the status of your request. For this you need to enter the following details after visiting the the status tracking web page.
  • Visit the Visa Tracking Web Page –
  • Select the Indian Mission Name
  • Enter the File Number
  • Enter your Passport Number
  • Write the Access Code displayed
  • Click the Check “Check Status” button.
Online Visa Registration / Extension  Service

Foreigners visiting India for a longer period are required to register themselves with  Foreigner Registration Officer (FRO) or Foreigner Regional Registration Officers. Registration is necessary when period of stay in India exceed 180 days. But, if the visitor is from Pakistan, then such visitor is required to register within 24 hours of arrival in India. Visitors from certain countries are required to report at police station. The period of registration and other instructions must be verified from the official website.  In such event, the visitor is required to register with concerned FRRO/FRO with necessary document. Online registration is also available with some FRRO, you can check it from the official website. For registration, you will need document such as Original Visa, PAN Card, Proof of Residence, Photo etc. Details regarding the supporting documents for registration and procedure can be read from the website.
  • Visit the official website – or
  • Read the instruction and procedure for registration
  • Click on the “Click to Continue for Registration” for submitting online application (You must check whether the concerned FRRO accept online application, if not then you will have to submit paper based application)
  • Select the State & District/City to Select FRRO & Check the Registration/Extension Form
  • Hit the Submit Button and fill up the online form

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