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Lenovo Group Limited is a Chinese company and it is a one of the leading global computer vendor. Its Desktop PC are sold as Think Center and Laptop as Think Pad. Other products includes Workstations, Tablet, Monitors, Storage Device, Wireless & Networking and computer accessories.It was founded in 1984 in Beijing by Liu Chaunzhi along with a group of ten engineers. Lenovo for more than a decade was distributing the Hewlett-Packard’s computer. With acquisition of IBP personal computer division it has become the second largest PC vendors after HP. The company went public in 1994 when it was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is traded as SEKH : 0992. The company is headquartered at Beijing in China, Singapore and Morrisville in North Carolina in US.

Lenovo is a great place to work for innovative people. If you wan to give shape to your innovative ideas and excel not only in product development but also give wings to your career then it is the right place to start your career. People here work from across the globe and if you think that research is your cup of tea then you can find some of the fines job in computer industry to work at company’s research centers in Yamato in Japan, Shenzhen Beijing & Shaghai in China and Raleigh, NC in United States. If you want to join the team of people make the computing world simpler and better through innovation in technology.

A large number of jobs are available in United States and Lenovo associates gets world class benefits and salary. Healthcare benefits, Life Insurance, Employee Assistance, Vacation, Holidays, Disability benefits, retirement savings are among other benefits which employee here enjoys. Financial benefits and job satisfaction are the biggest motivator for people to work in any industry and working with company you will find that you are not missing anything in your job. Benefits may vary from one country to another and therefore job seekers can view the benefits available in different regions of world.

Lenovo offers a wide range of career diversity and people looking for the jobs openings with company can find the right career type opportunity in different parts of world. If you are looking for the career opportunities in the area of principal operations then these opportunities are available in China, Singapore & US. Those who wish to make career in R&D they can work at various research in different countries. Whether you wish to work in Advanced System Design Center, Mobile R&D Center, Development Lab, Corporate Research, Lenovo BU R&D or Switchboard center the company offers great work opportunities for innovation. But these jobs are mostly confined Xiamen, Chengdu, Shenzhen, & Beijin in Shanghai and few other centers in Japan, US & Singapore.

Company’s sales headquarter are located at Paris, France, RTP, NC in US, Beijing &  Singapore. Sales discipline offers a large number of opportunities at different level. If you are looking for the job opportunities at these headquarter and other place you can apply against the sales position which best match your qualification. Manufacturing is another area which offers employment to a large number of people. 4 manufacturing facility are located in China, two in India at Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) & Pondicherry while one at Monterrey in Mexico.

Call center jobs are in large number across the world. The company has a huge customer base and therefore lot of opportunities in Call Center exits in Australia, Europe, America & Asia. A job seeker looking for the career opportunities with Lenovo can find the suitable job openings with company in large number of career areas.  Be it is Accounting, Legal, Sales, HR, Marketing, Procurement, IT or any other field which interest you. Apart from the cities mentioned above there are hundreds of locations where you can find the job opening across the world. But there are some cities where you will find opportunities in big numbers. You can try search job at Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Bratislava, Buenos Aires, New York City, Singapore, Paris besides others.

How to Serach & Apply for jobs at Lenovo

  1. Go to official website career page at – www.lenovo.com/jobs/ca/en/index.html and search for the jobs.
  2. You can also view the job listing at the career website – www.lenovocareers.com
  3. Search the open position, to refine the search you can use location, functional area, posting date, Job ID & keyword filter.
  4. Click on the job title for viewing job description, position requirement, education qualification & experience, travel requirement etc.
  5. Hit the Apply button for  fill up the necessary information & uploading the CV/Resume. Follow the instructions to complete the employment application.

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