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Office Depot is an office products retailer. The company was founded in 1986 by F. Patrick Sher, Doubherty and Jack Kopkin, all of them were associated with Home-Owner’s Warehouse. The company went public in 1988. Enters the market of Canada after acquiring The Great Canadian Office Supplies Watherhouse cahin in 1992. Soon it expanded its business joint venture and licensing in Mexico, Israel, Poland & Columbia followed by France, Hungary & Australia. It operates around 1700 locations worldwide. It sells wide ranges of office supplies which includes office machine, stationary, computer and computer accessories, printers, scanners, papers,  furniture for office and other products. Products sold here includes from international brands as well as several private owned brands. Its headquarter is located at Boca Raton, Florida in US. The company is listed on New York Stock Exchange and it is traded at ODP.
Corporate Opportunities : Office Depot offers corporate jobs in different disciplines. If you are looking for the career opportunities in Finance, IT, Constructions, Supply Chain, Risk Management, Merchandising, HR, E-Commerce or any other ares then you can explore the career opportunities at headquarter. A large number of opportunities at entry level and senior level exists at Boca Raton, the head office of company. Wh ether you are looking for clerical, management or specialized job then it is the right place to find the opportunities from different work areas.
Store Jobs : Retail stores are locations around the world which constitute the bulk of job opportunities. At retail store you can find the entry level associate positions as well as supervisory and store leadership positions. Working at stores requires interacting with customer, understanding their need and assisting them in marking the right product purchase.  
Customer Service Specialist is an entry level position at store and these people represent the company to outside world. Thus working at store is very challenging. If you want to help you customer and bring smile on their face then working at store can be very rewarding. Some of the jobs which you can apply at store are as listed below.
  • District Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Customer Service Specialist
Distribution Center Jobs : Whatever office supplies you see in the store passes through distribution center. These are the products hub and cater to the need of retail store. If you are interested in inventory management, transportation, supply chain, warehouse management or any other related area of distribution, you will find the different types of career opportunities at these centers. Here you can also find the field and engineering jobs. Look for the career opportunities in the areas of order fulfillment, join the team at Office Depot.
Office Depot operates in 45 countries across the world besides United States & Canada. Thus you can find the employment opportunities with international division of company as well as in the retail stores. Business solution division also offers an array of career opportunities, if you want to be a part of multi billion dollar company then submit your resume. 
How to Search & Apply for Jobs at Office Depot
  1. Go to career web page at – or
  2. Visit the Corporate / Store / Business Solution/ International/ Supply Chain link under the Career Menu.
  3. Hit the Apply Now Button to find the current open positions. You can refine your search using keyword and posting date.
  4. Hit the Job Title to view description, responsibilities, qualification and instructions to apply.
  5. Click on the  Apply Now button and login with User Name & Password.
  6. If you are a new user, visit the Register Now link and create your login id and job profile.

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