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If you want to visit other country then in most of cases you will need a visa issued by country where you wish to go. In other word it is a permission granted by the visited country for a particular purpose such as Visit, Study, Work, Business etc. being various grounds for granting the visa. Gone are the days when people used to visit the consulate or embassy of country they wished to visit for getting a visa. Now with use of internet technology people wishing to obtain the visa can apply right sitting in front of their computer.
Australian Visa Online Application : The Government of Australia allows online application submission for grant of visa those who wish to visit Australia. Several types of visa issued by the Australian Government includes – Workers Visa, Migrant Visa, Visitors Visa, Student Visa, Employers Visa and Refugee Visa. As from the name of different category of visa it is evident that a visa is issued for a particular purpose. If you need to get visa for Australia then you need to apply for it by visiting the official immigration website of Australia i.e. where you can find all the information related to visa.
Document requirement, time of stay, fee for visa varies depending on type of visa application. Australian Immigration website provides you complete information online for getting a visa. Details regarding the fee, processing of application, fee for visa, time limit, document required to be attached along with visa application are given on the website you need to view the details from the relevant links given below.
Australian Visa Online Application : Apply Now
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