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Staples Inc. is an officer retail chain operating worldwide. It has around 2300 stores in 26 countries of which nearly 1600 are located in the United States. It has more than 125 wareshouse centers for distributing the supplies across the world. The company was founded in 1986 by Leo Kahn & Thomas G. Stemberg. The idea of starting the office supplies retail store came to the mind of Stemberg when he could not get a ribbon from the local store as it was closed on independece day. Reliance on such local store irritated him and gave birth to emergence of office supplies retail chain.
 The company started with its first store at Brighton, Massachusetts. The first store which was located in the neighbourhood of Boston is no longer exist at the same place as it has moved from there. In 1991, The Business Depot, a subsidiary was started in Canada which was later renamed as Staples. The first store in Canada was opened in Vaughan, Ontario which lies to the North of Toronto. The next year it made entry into the European market and its first store was open in Swansea in UK.  By 1996, during the 10th anniversary, the company had enter the list of Fortune 500 companies with sales exceeding $3 billion. 
Staples offers careers opportunities in different work areas and job seekers can apply for full time employment as well as hourly positions. Broadly jobs are divided into several group areas which includes Retail Stores Positions, Sales, IT, Retail Field Management and other work areas not included here. Besides this  Hourly positions in Warehouse, Distribution, Transportation & Manufacturing. There are many store positions which does not require prior experience. Those who can not work full time they can also opt for hourly positions. As hourly positions exists everywhere whether it is store, distribution center or corporate office. 
Staples offers excellent career opportunities in the field of Information Technology. It currently employs over 2200 IT professionals. It employs more than 500 people for developing application. It is making use of IT in various fields. It is the second largest retailer with revenue exceeding $10 billion. There are other areas too where large number of career opportunities exists across the world. You can find senior positions at Distribution Centers & Headquarters. If you are having University / College degree then you an apply for Internship or entry level management positions. Experienced professionals can apply against the senior positions in different work areas in relevant filed of knowledge they possess. Here are some of the career opportunities in great demand and you might be interested in apply against these positions. 
  • Copy & Print Center Associate
  • Easy Technology Associate
  • Furniture Associate
  • Inventory Associate
  • Customer Service Lead
  • Tech Advisor
  • Office Supplies Associate
  • Production Specialist
  • Service Delivery Administrator
  • Easy Resident Technician

How to Search & Apply for Jobs at Staples

  1. Go to the official career website at –
  2. Visit the link under “Search Jobs” for specific career areas e.g. Retail Store, Sales, IT, Retail Field Management etc.
  3. Click on the Job Title to view details about job such as qualification, experience, benefits, responsibilities etc.
  4. Apply online by clicking the link. You must login to access your job account. If you are coming for the first time then you will have to create your job profile and login ID & password. 
There are some career area and country specific job site. Candidates looking for the career opportunities can visit these site to explore the current open positions and apply. The website listed below are for IT, Sales & eCommerce Jobs and for employment opportunities in UK. 

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