United Health Group Careers Application & Interview Tips

UnitedHealth Group Inc. is a diversified healthcare service providers in United States. The company was founded in 1977 and its headquarter is located at Minnetonka, Minnesota in United States. The company offers a wide ranges of products and services in healthcare. Its services are offered through its subsidiary United Healthcare and Optum. United Healthcare is the largest healthcare service providers in USA.

The company has global operations and employs over 90,000 associates in 33 countries. If you are looking for the career opportunities with  United HealthCare the operating division of company or the parent company the UnitedHealth Group you have opportunities to make great career not only in United States but across the globe. Company has worldwide presence and offers employment opportunities in different career areas. It is company with career diversity and global presence with dominance in in its area of work in Northern America.

Whether you are an Actuarial specialist or having an expertise in behavioral health, this the place you will find the job matching your qualification. People from diverse discipline ranging from marketing, pharmacy, underwriting, finance, business management etc. find it easier to get the relevant job matching their interest and qualifications. Whether you love working with people or playing with data you can find numerous jobs in corporate office and locations across the nation. Working here with United Healthcare you are directly or indirectly you are helping people live better and stay in good health.

How to Search & Apply for jobs at UnitedHealth Group Inc.

  1. Go to career website at – http://careers.unitedhealthgroup.com
  2. To know about the different work ares visit “Career Areas”  for viewing the current open positions visit the Job Search link.
  3. You can view all the open positions, if you want to refine you job search results then you can use filters such as Job Category, Keyword, Locations etc.
  4. Click on the Title to know about your role, locations, brief description about company.
  5. For Applying online hit “Click Here to Apply” and follow the instructions to fill the form.
  6. You must sign in using your username and password. If you are not a registered user then you need to create your profile, when done you can save your job search, apply, edit your application and view the status of your previous applied jobs.

Interview Tips : When looking for a job, the most difficult things job seekers come across is facing the interview board. Whether you are appearing for the first time or you have faced a number of interview earlier but while facing the interview it is natural to become nervous. Best antidote for such situation is to prepare well for interview and learn to stay calm.

Preparation for interview begin right from applying for a job. Whether you will be called for an interview or not depend on the resume writing. Therefore while applying for a positions you must present the facts carefully so as to reflect your strong points and convince the HR team that you are the right fit for the job. While making mention of your skills and qualification while writing your resume of facing the interview you must be honest.

One size does not fit all and it is true about the job. Therefore a CV written for research position will not hold good for marketing positions. Therefore you may be eligible for different jobs and so doing a little pondering over the issue will help in good stead. It may not be new to you but following the steps listed below will help you in keeping your anxiety under control while facing the interview.

  • Prepare well for interview, find the answer for the questions which you are likely to face. There is no alternative to preparation. 
  • Never talk in negative about your previous employer. Seeking for a job change or expecting a salary raise is not a crime. If you are asked about your experience with previous employer, you must express it with a positive note. 
  • Dress smartly, wear formal dress for interview and reach the venue well in advance. It should not be too early, try to reach 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Wait for your turn and listen questions attentively and reply should be to the point. Look in to eyes while answering  to the questions.
  • If you have any question in your mind, you can ask it politely. 

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