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United States Postal Service is an independent US federal government agency. Founded in 1775, it has grown since its inception in terms of employee size, locations, services & products it offers. It currently employs nearly 0.6 million employees and is one of the largest employer in government sector in United States. It is not just brick & mortar postal service providers but the offers wide ranges of products and services online. Wherever you go, you can stay in touch with various services offered by the post office through its website.  You can now access the US Mail service from various departmental & grocery stores such as Office Depot, Costco etc., one third of revenue comes from such locations. With about 100,000 locations you can buy stamps and access other services anywhere in United States. Its wide network enable it to reach each residence across the nation. You can search its location at – which is an interactive map website of US Mail.
Who Can Apply for USPS Jobs : If you wish to make career with USPS then you must meet the employment requirement laid down by it. Everyone is not eligible to apply. Only US & American Samoa citizen and permanent resident alien having the Green Card or any territory owing permanent allegiance to US are eligible to apply. Male applicant who were born after December 31, 1959 they must their name registered with Selective Service System. While applying for the job you will have to provide the employment history. Minimum age requirement is 18 years at time of appointment or 16 years with High School Diploma. Medical Assessment and Criminal Record Check is conducted before employment. Interested candidates can read further details from the “Employment Requirement” section on career webpage of official website.

Finding a Job : There are numerous jobs opportunities which includes full time and part time employment. All the jobs are listed on the official website and job seekers can view the open positions. For searching the open positions, you can visit the career section on the USPS website and then follow the Job Search link. Here you can view all open positions using different filters which includes Keyword, City Name, State, Zip Code, Functional Area. Once you find the desired job, clicking on title will allow you to read about the job responsibilities, salary and other benefits, citizenship requirement etc. Here you will also find instructions on submitting the application and mode for submitting the application form. Whether you are need to take an exam for a positions or not can be found here along with other instructions. 
Functional Areas : If you have decided to start your career with USPS then you can explore the opportunities which best match your qualification and interest. Here you can find jobs in diverse work areas ranging from sales, administration, expedited mail service, global business, marketing, it, human resource to name a few. People looking for the employment opportunities with majors in different disciplines and specialized knowledge can find the suitable job opportunities where you can grow in your career path. You can visit the official career website of USPS to find the latest jobs openings and learn about the employment requirement, benefits, exam, hiring process etc.
Note : Applicant must have a working email id as all communication during hiring process is done through email. You must add the following email ids to your contact list so that message sent to yor from United State Postal Service is not blocked by spam filters.
How to Search & Apply for USPS Jobs
  1. Visit the US Mails official Career Website at –
  2. From navigation menu under “Careers” visit “Job Search & Application”
  3. Search the Jobs choosing functional area and location, keyword etc.
  4. By hitting the Job Title you can view details about job branch, location, duties and responsibilities and other instructions.
  5. Hit the Apply button and read the privacy agreement  enter your Name & email id and create your job profile.
  6. You will be sent a temporary Username & Password by USPS. You can change it.
  7. Check your mail box and login using your username and password  to complete the application form.

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