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There are thousands of hiring companies organizing the job events across the world but Women For Hire is the first of its kind providing opportunities exclusively to professional women to find their dream job with leading employers. The company was founded by Tory Jhonson in 1999, who is currently working as its CEO. She has earlier worked at ABC News & NBC News. When she was unexpectedly fired from the job, it led her to become an entrepreneur, now she is doing a great job by creating a platform for the professional women to find the job of their choice in big and small companies operating in diverse career areas. It organize a number of recruiting events and online job fair and facilitate hiring process.
Online job fair is similar to in person expo, the only difference I find is, in online fair job seeker and employer communicate via instant messaging or telephonic conversation rather than face to face talk with physical presence. The advantage of online expo is that it allows the job seeker to find the job from home or office and avoiding the hassle of making travel and saving on commuting expenses for finding a job. In 2012, the Women For Hire is conducting five online job fair, out of these one is a national job fair and four are regional job fair. 
Regional Career Fair : East Coast & Mid Atlantic is the first online regional career fair by WomenForHire.com to be held on September 20, 2012. There will be three more events besides this for other part of country. Employers who wish to participate they can advertise and register, details in this regard is available on the website. A job seeker who wish to take part in career expo they need to register. Schedule of conducting the job fairs are as listed below.

  1. East Coast & Mid Atlantic – September 20, 2012 (1-4 PM ET)
  2. South/South West – September 27, 2012
  3. Midwest – October 30, 2012
  4. West Coast / Northwest : October 24, 2012

Procedure for Registration

  • Visit the official website – www.womenforhire.com
  • Click on the relevant link under Online Career Fair e.g. Midwest, South West etc.
  • Visit the Login here link, which will take you to www.brazenconnect.com website where you can sign up for the recruitment event.
  • Remember your user id and password and sign in on the day of event and select the organization which interest you and participate in the recruitment process.
Job Expo : Two career expo will be organized by Women for Hire in New York & Washington DC. Participating candidates are required to register on the website. Admission will be free and no fee is charged for registration. Participants are required to wear the business attire. Schedule of career expos to be held is as follows.
1. New York
October 30, 2012
Tuesday, 10am-2pm
Venue : Hilton New York
1335 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
2. Washington DC
November 13, 29012
Tuesday, 10am-2pm
Venue : The Almas Temple at the Hamilton Crowne Hotel
1315 K Street, NW 
Washington, DC 20005

Sponsored by : New York Life
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